About US

SuoYi devotes itself to the R&D of advanced rare earth materials

SuoYi(SuoYi New Material Technology Co, Ltd )has a perfect R&D, production and service system. It has established a joint development mode of service platform(marketing network)+R&D platform(users, universities, research institutes)+production platform( processing base). SuoYi is establishing a global marketing network. At present, it has been working with dozens of users, universities and research institutes at home and abroad. The organization has established a joint R&D cooperation relationship with four production bases.

SuoYi Leading Customized Synthetic Service for Rare Earth Advanced Materials

Experienced development and production team can deliver all kinds of customized synthetic rare earth materials to meet the needs of advanced ceramics, spraying materials, optical glass, electronic materials, laser materials, special alloys, bio-medicine energy-saving materials, new energy batteries, catalytic materials and other industries

SuoYi provides flexible customized composition services. According to the users special physical and chemical parameters requirements, i.e. customized synthesis of non-standardized products, and to ensure that the user’s technical parameters and business data are completely confidential, high quality control is implemented in the development process and final testing stage

SuoYi has many laboratories, small-scale production lines and large-scale production lines. It can serve both small-scale experimental and non-industrial users, provide customized requirements of gram and kilogram levels, and also serve industrial batch users, providing thousands of tons of products for users