D99 Al2O3 Aluminia ceramic powder
Taped Density(g/cm3) 2.25-2.35
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 1.05-1.15
Sintering Temperature (℃) 1630
Holding time(h) 2.5-3
Shrinkage(%) 16±0.5
porcelain density (g/cm3) ≥ 3.88
93% alumina ceramic powder (DC-R93, DC-D93)
This product has special material selection, advanced formula, low temperature, low shrinkage rate, less porosity, high sintering density,
conducive to metallization and other characteristics, ceramic performance is better than 95% ceramics
Low temperature 99% alumina ceramic powder (DC-D99)
Using ultrafine powder as raw material, scientifically prepared, can directly spray granulation, porcelain forming temperature is low (1630°
CX2.5h); Small shrinkage (16 +0.5), good tolerance control; High sintering density (3.9g /- 3.92g/), good ceramic properties.
Low temperature 99% alumina ceramic powder for Hot Die Casting (DC-R99)
α-ai2o3 powder with high conversion rate is selected, and the gradation is reasonable. It can be directly used for hot die casting with wax, and
the porcelain temperature is 1650°C. Stable shrinkage, high sintering density (>3.85g/), can be sintered with 95% common alumina porcelain in
the same furnace.
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