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SuoYi One-stop Rare Earth Material solution

SuoYi strives to provide global users with one-stop solutions for rare earth materials. We have abundant production experience and technical reserves. Our engineers have acquired a lot of skills and experience, from laboratory scale to pilot plant to commercial batch production process, to deliver high quality rare earth materials for users. SuoYi can be synthesized modified and assembled according to the requirements of different users

Rare earth materials with special particle size

It is synthesized by chemical and physical methods, including nano-scale, submicron-scale, large particles, pelletizing spheres,spherical, needle-like, sheet-like and large specific surface morphologies of rare earth materials, electromelted rare earth, rare earth oxide. rare earth fluoride,etc

Synthesis of Composite Rare Earth Materials:

New rare earth functional materials,such as fused rare earth,rare earth fluoride oxide,rare earth oxide,rare earth silicate.we’re synthesized by doping and chemical co-precipitation

Rare earth zirconate, rare earth aluminate, anhydrous rare earth salts, organic rare earth salts, rare earth alloy materials, etc

High purity rare earth materials

high purity rare earth oxides and rare earth salts were customized by ion exchange and vacuum melting. Including 99.99%,99.999%,99.9999%

Rare earth alloy materials

Various rare earth alloy materials were customized and synthesized by doping and melting at high temperature. Including rare earth magnesium alloys, rare earth aluminium alloys, rare earth copper alloys,Rare earth tungsten alloys, rare earth nickel alloys, rare earth ferroalloys, etc

SuoYi Open Cooperation Platform

The goal of SuoYi is to become the worlds leading enterprise of rare earth advanced materials, and to provide more efficient,energy-saving and environmental protection advanced materials for human scientific and technological progress. Our progress can not be separated from your concern and support, I hope that your participation and cooperation, joint efforts, shared and shared glory!

Technology and Program Cooperation

Inter-enterprise joint development and production of advanced rare earth materials and rare earth functional materials between upstream and downstream enterprises.

Between universities and institutions: collaboration to under take national and local research projects,and take on responsibilities for transformation, production and marketing institutes

R&D outcome

Sales Cooperation

Domestic market: Develop agents by region/industry for SUOYI'S domestic products, services and cooperation.

International market:Develop agents by country/industry for SUOYI'S international products, services and cooperation

Investment Cooperation

Capital investment as to participate in SuoYi’s overseas investment, corporate acquisitions and new project investment, as well as capital operations are also welcomed

SuoYi is delighted to provide answers and solutions to the challenges and difficulties users encounter in their field.Sincerely look forward to working with users to create a better present and future...




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