lutecia rare earth oxide

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lutecia rare earth oxide

Lutetium(Lu) Oxide

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Lutetium Oxide (Lu2O3), also called lutecia, is a cubic compound of lutetium. It is a lanthanide oxide, also known as a rare earth. Lutetium Oxide is white in color and insoluble in water. Due to the nature of oxide compounds, Lutetium Oxide is not conductive to electricity. However, it produces lutetium tantalate, the densest white material known, and is frequently used for x-ray phosphors. It is also insoluble in water solutions and is useful for ceramic applications.



Hebei SuoYi has rich experience and good knowledge of experience supplying ultra-high purity Lutetium Oxide (Lu2O3) of up to 99.999 %. Customization is available upon request.

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Product Describtion                                                                                                                                              


Product name:

Lutetium Oxide

CAS Number



White Powder, Not Hazardous

Melting point

2490 °C

Molecular formula


Molar mass

397.932 g/mol

Density (at R.T.)






Item No.


Purity (REO/TREO)

Lu2O3- 4N

Lutetium Oxide 
D50 = ~ 3.93 µm

99.99 %

Lu2O3- 4N

Lutetium Oxide for vacuum deposition.

3-12mm or custom size


Lu2O3- 4N5

Lutetium Oxide 

D50 = ~ 3.93 µm

99.995 %

Lu2O3- 5N

Lutetium Oxide 
D50 = ~ 3.93 µm

99.999 %



Packaging & Delivery                                                                                                                                             

Packaging of Lutetium Oxide:
Our Lutetium Oxide is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition. 

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Within 7-15 days after received deposit.

Delivery port:

China main port

Lead Time:

Within 15 days after confirmation.




·        Used as phosphors in x-ray applications. 

·        Used as a catalyst for cracking, alkylation, hydrogenation, and polymerization.

·        Used in glass, optic and ceramic applications.



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2.We carry on periodic training to our staffs, in order to enhance their consciousness of quality.

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5. If it only because you don't trust the quality, we can send you sample first.


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