Hot sales in Japan, USA,South of Korea of yttrium fluoride

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Rare earth fluoride
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Hot sales in Japan, USA,South of Korea of yttrium fluoride 

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Yttrium Fluoride, also known as Yttrium Trifluoride, is a crystalline ionic compound


Product name: Yttrium Fluoride


Appearance: White powder

Main content:99.%-99.999%

CAS No:13709-49-4

Density: 5.01 g/cm3

Stability: Insoluble in water, moderately

Molecular Weight:225.81

Melting point:: 1387 °C

Application: widely used as optical material





Application of price Yttrium Fluoride:


1.   Yttrium Fluoride is widely used as optical material.

2.   Yttrium Fluoride is widely applied in metallurgy, ceramics, glass, and electronics.

3.   High purity grades are the most important materials for tri-bands Rare Earth phosphors and , which are very effective microwave filters.

4.   Yttrium Fluoride also can be used for the production of metallic Yttrium, thin films, glasses and ceramics.

5.   Yttrium is used in the production of a large variety of synthetic garnets, and Yttria is used to make Yttrium Iron Garnets, which are very effective microwave filters.


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